Browser tab roundup

By Filip Salomonsson; published on July 22, 2006.

I'm a heavy [ab]user of tabbed browsing in firefox. I often leave tabs open for stuff I don't have time to read right away, or things I want to process in some way, but Not Right Now.

So, every now and then, I need to go through my open tabs and for each one either do what I wanted to do with it or decide that I just won't, and toss it.

Here are some of the ones that were open right now, just to get them off my screen:

Uprisings is a cool picture. I didn't notice the rabbits at first. [This bastard will try to resize your browser window, so brace yourself.]

A Technique for Producing Ideas gives a five-step process to producing ideas: gather, digest, drop, POOF, work it. I wanted to relate this to some other thinking I've had lately, but I haven't gotten further than "digest", so I might drop it.

Bob Parsons (CEO of Go Daddy) lists 16 rules he tries to live by. Also just something that was in tune with other thoughts.

Interview tips from an experienced recruiter gives pretty much the usual (good) advice on how to get through a job interview without blowing it. The general questions at the end are worth thinking about even if you're not going to an interview.

Adam Wiggins on how to Spend Less Time Working, Get More Done. He's right, he is. Embrace the constraints, dammit.

Generally good-sounding advice: Strong Opinions, Weakly held. Be passionate about your opinions, but don't be so attached to them that you stop listening to clashing opinions as well. You just might be wrong, you know.

Tim Bray: No Database?!

I’m not religious—I’ve deployed runtime databases where I’ve had to. But there is a psychology out there in our profession, which says: if you have data that you want to store and retrieve, that means you need a database. But sometimes you don’t.

Damn straight. Some people seem to think PHP+MySQL (or whatever+whatever) is the only way to put anything on the web, ever. It isn't.

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