There's a lawyer in my vocabulary!

By Filip Salomonsson; published on October 26, 2006.

Google has somehow gotten the idea that they get to dictate what people can and can't say.

While we're pleased that so many people think of us when they think of searching the web, let's face it, we do have a brand to protect, so we'd like to make clear that you should please only use "Google" when you’re actually referring to Google Inc. and our services.

Protecting a brand may be one thing, and I don't mind them going after businesses who use their trademark illegally. But, you know, they're called trade_marks for a reason. This isn't trade, it's interpersonal communication. Or, as we say back home, _people talking to people. If your service has gotten so ubiquitous that people are turning your brand name into language, and you think that means you need to start throwing yapping lawyers at them, you need to take your head out of your.. you know... google.

I'm with Ben Metcalfe on this one:

We own our language. So Google, you can go shove your lexicographical 'advice' up your ass.

Also, found at Jeremy Zawodny's place:

Update: funny you should ask.