Zip goes the zipper

By Filip Salomonsson; published on October 27, 2006.

See, now I feel kind of stupid.

I have a great jacket from Peak Performance. I've had it for six years. Love it. During the last season or so, the zipper has stopped closing when I pull upp the slider. The first tooth on one side is damaged, so haven't not really surprised.

It's been driving me mad. I mean wrap rage times ten.

I've managed though - with the right technique (or pure luck, more likely), it has closed on the tenth or thirty-second try.

I've been procrastinating the hell out of fixing it, because I knew I'd need to replace the zipper entirely. Oh, big project. Assume fetal position!

Well. So I thought. Then, tonight, in a moment of rage-powered clarity, I relized perhaps the slider was the culprit after all, being worn after six years of use.

It took five seconds to fix the damn thing. A light pinch on each side with some pliers, narrowing the slider ever so slightly, and it's like.. well, not new, but slightly less old. I'd say it'll hold up for a few more years.

Now maybe I should try to replace the pull tab I lost last year. Oh, big project...