Run, f-spot, run

By Filip Salomonsson; published on April 16, 2007.

Can someone please tell me why the hell F-spot thinks it's a good idea to upload my pictures to Flickr newest first?

Or why I have to manually create a tag before I can start using it? Has the recent tag craze on the web (2.0, baby) taught us nothing?

And please, if I have selected some of the images in the import dialog, why in the name of Jeebus does it still import everything? And.. oh, oh, one more... why can't it delete the images from my camera, or at least remember what it has already imported?

Why didn't they just ask me first? Bastards.

(Yes, I'll get to the constructive bit (wrestling the bugzilla behemoth) later. Just let me count to ten first. Oh, have I mentioned how awful Bugzilla is?)