By Filip Salomonsson; published on July 04, 2007. Tags: infixse

You shouldn't see many meta-posts like this here. Yet now I made this one even more meta by pointing out that it is meta, and even more by pointing out that I made it even more meta by... oh, man.

This right here is the 144th entry I've posted though the "gaffer tape and popsicle sticks"-style blog app I sneezed out 14 months ago (apparently).

I've found that making promises helps in getting things done sometimes, so here it is:

I'll shut up now, and keep quiet (blog-wise; I'm still allowed to speak) here until I've deployed the NEW AND IMPROVED (and shiny!) Django-based replacement on my Slicehost server.

(That's an affiliate link, by the way. If you click it, and sign up for a slice of your own, that buys me a nice latte. Also, you'll be a customer of the awesomest hosting company I've ever seen. Go ahead.)

Obviously, if you're subscribed to the RSS feed, you'll still get the daily link posts.

That is all. Toodles.